After receiving notice of the updated livery here, I decided to check out my blog. Aarghhh… too bright! So I remembered my dark policy over at my personal (elsewhere) blog and changed the template, with the background totally black and a black header graphic.

Then, the only thing remaining was that silly white main menu. Stylebot (on Vivaldi) fixed that for me, and this is the result:

I’m not the only one who is tired of bright default pages on the Internet and I always remove any element which is like that. When will web site designers realise that they are not using paper, and that brightness is not always a welcome feature?

I have rejected other peoples’ web pages out of hand in the past for precisely this reason – no matter how desirable their content may be, at least until I finally discovered the combination of Chrome engine + Stylebot.

Give me a web of dark, non-eye-straining pages!

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